Kindness Does Work Magic


This post is dedicated to every single person who’s supported me, especially to this whoever person named Hello who has left a beautiful comment on this blog. Came home exhausted, receiving such a long and warm comment has completely made my day. Thank you very much, Hello.

I’m genuinely more than moved by all the kind and supportive words I’ve received from many unexpected/ unknown people ever since I started my blog and then the Facebook page.

Everything’s happened so fast that I myself cannot even believe it.

I’m still struggling with that freaking mental illness in me, but I’ll always remember and treasure these beautiful words which lift me up a little no matter what.

I’d say ‘thank you’ sincerely for a million times.

One thought on “Kindness Does Work Magic

  1. Sorry to have been absent for awhile but I did bookmark your blog and I am back 🙂 genuinely grateful that I made even just a slight impact in somebody’s life, even if it was just for a moment.

    Hope you are doing well!


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