A Little Something about Norelle

Girl in her early 20’s.
hypersensitive person. word lover. flower addict. imaginative dreamer. 
inguistics graduate. amateur writer. aspiring author. potential horror storyteller.
based in Hong Kong. but left her heart in la la land.
I write down my random thoughts and feelings on an impromptu basis during my battle against mental illness a.k.a the demons in my head.

Everything personal, spontaneous and free-styled here.
-Since 11.26.2016-

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-Since 11.30.2016-

So I’ve created a page called Storybloom, where I share my flower arrangements daily. It’s much appreciated if you would check out Storybloom|花說故事 by Norelle as well as the Facebook page of it. May your days bloom as beautifully as the flowers do.
-Since 7.22.2017-

I’ve started another Instagram page underneaththesmile to share my feelings briefly, repost inspirational content, and promote mental illness awareness.
-Since 8.18.2017-